Sustainable Bamboo Bath Textiles (1)

Surprisingly soft are the bamboo towels and bath towels. What could be better than when you get out of the shower or bath you can wrap around a nice thick, super soft bamboo towel or bath sheet? Bamboo absorbs moisture at least three times faster than cot


Sustainable Bamboo Bath Textiles

All kinds of sustainable Bamboo towels!

Are you looking for new durable and nice towels for the beach or in the bathroom? Then bamboo towels are exactly what you are looking for! With this environmentally friendly fabric made from bamboo you are not only helping the planet, but you also have an incredibly fine and soft cloth.

In this article you will learn more about bamboo and what a bamboo towel can do for you.

A towel made of bamboo how is that possible?

One of the properties of bamboo is that it is very flexible. This makes it possible to make many different products with this material. For example, you have not only guest towels, but also washcloths, sauna towels and hamam towels.

In addition, there are also many other products, such as laundry racks, clothing and furniture, made from bamboo. Bamboo is very versatile and sustainable. The lifespan of bamboo is relatively long and the production of bamboo products is very clean and hardly burdens the environment.

All these properties and conditions have led to bamboo towels on the market. Bamboo can be used to make textiles, which are used in many products such as towels.

Because bamboo can be made into textiles and it has some advantages, it has been gaining in popularity lately. More and more stores are offering it and more and more people have it in their homes.

This ensures that more people get in touch with bamboo and what it has to offer. In addition, it is very sustainable and the world is also a bit 'greener'. Fortunately, you can also enjoy the fine towels made of bamboo and contribute to the environment!

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The many benefits of a bamboo towel

The reasons for choosing a bamboo towel are endless, but here we put them in a row for you. This way you can find out exactly what the properties of bamboo are.

Durable & environmentally friendly

The biggest advantage of a bamboo towel or cloth is the durability. Bamboo is one of the most sustainable materials, which also relieves the environment. This is because bamboo grows quite fast and can be planted in many places in the world.

Moreover, the material lasts a long time, bamboo requires relatively little water and no pesticides or fertilizers are used. The environment is therefore largely spared from pollution. In addition, bamboo can be easily recycled and no harmful substances are released during the production process!

Bamboo is therefore the material of choice when it comes to sustainability and the environment.

Fine and soft fabric

Especially for a towel, washcloth or sauna towel, a soft material is a big advantage. When you want to dry off or relax, soft fabrics are extra nice and provide a soothing feeling.  

Bamboo is a flexible fabric that provides a fine and soft cloth. This way, drying off does not have to be a tedious process, but a relaxing and enjoyable activity after a shower or bath.

Practical to use

Bamboo consists of fibers and in the fibers of bamboo are many micro holes. These micro holes make it possible for bamboo to ventilate very well, this even 3x better than cotton (!), a provides some benefits.

The biggest advantage is that Bamboo towels dry much faster and stay fresh longer. This way you do not have to wash your towel as often and you also contribute to the environment.

Ideal for people with skin problems

A somewhat more special effect of bamboo, is the fact that it has a healing effect. Thanks to the antibacterial effect and the fact that bamboo is hypoallergenic, skin problems are reduced and you will experience fewer rashes.

This is because bamboo is a natural product where little is added or changed. Bamboo towels are ideal for people with skin problems and make sure you dry your clothes while taking care of your skin.

What kind of bamboo towels are there?

The great thing about bamboo textiles is that you can do anything with them. You have bath textiles, beach towels, towels for the kitchen and much more. Below we explain exactly what types of bamboo towels there are and what you can expect.

(Guest) towels

Of course there are bamboo towels suitable for the bathroom or kitchen. Depending on the size you choose the towel that suits room. In towels for the bathroom you enjoy extra benefits since you often use it for your whole body.

Incidentally, you can hang smaller sized bamboo towels in the kitchen, so that after


50 x 30 cm
70 x 30 cm
100 x 50 cm
140 x 70 cm
200 x 90 cm


Besides the towel for the bathroom, you also have washcloths made of bamboo. These are perfect for washing the face and can help against acne.

In addition, you can use washcloths to clean specific areas and that while enjoying the healing effect. Clean and sustainable all in one!


21 x 16 cm

Sauna towels

Do you like to go to the sauna or do you have a sauna at home? Then bamboo sauna towels are ideal for you! With these towels you have the right size towel and also the right fabric.

In addition, bamboo towels dry quickly and can absorb a lot of moisture so sweat is easily absorbed and removed from the towel. Perfect for if you ever go to the sauna to relax!


200 x 70 cm
200 x 90 cm

Hamamels or Beach Towels

Do you like to spend your sunny days or vacations at the beach? Or are you still looking for beach towels? How about bamboo hamam towels? With this you can spend hours on the beach and you will also enjoy some benefits.

Any sweat is easily absorbed and reabsorbed, and your skin will also be very happy with the healing effect. Moreover, at King Bamboo you can choose from many fantastic and sunny colors and you will look colorful. Therefore, take a quick look for your ideal beach towel made of bamboo!


170 x 80 cm
180 x 90 cm
185 x 90 cm
190 x 90 cm
200 x 90 cm

Are you also crazy about the bamboo towels or do you want to get some bamboo towels in your home? This is possible with us from King Bamboo! Below you can use the button to find all our bamboo products and everything about bamboo itself!

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Enjoy the many benefits and contribute to the environment with Bamboo!


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