Stretchable Bamboo Clothing of the highest quality (124)

The reason that clothing made from bamboo is so popular is that the fabric has very nice properties. Bamboo is antibacterial, which is very nice when you perspire a lot. You will notice that clothes


Stretchable Bamboo Clothing of the highest quality

The 6 Benefits of Bamboo Clothing

Yes it is possible to make clothes with bamboo. A lot of different clothes even! In fact, a few years ago it was discovered that bamboo can also be made into textiles and this is used to manufacture clothing. Meanwhile, bamboo is becoming more popular and more and more benefits are revealed. In this text we will discuss these advantages and maybe you will be convinced of this fantastic bamboo clothing!

No ironing needed

One of the biggest advantages is not having to iron your shirts or other garments anymore. This is because bamboo has a smooth structure that makes the fabric flexible. So when you move, the fabric moves with you and no wrinkles are created. In this way, ironing is a thing of the past!

A fine soft fabric

It is possible to move freely with bamboo clothing and there is no need to iron. In addition, it is also extra comfortable. This is again possible because of the smooth structure that makes bamboo clothing fine and soft to the touch.

Moreover, you hardly notice that you have something on because the fabric feels so fine and also weightless.  

Your clothes stay fresh longer

Because bamboo is very good at absorbing moisture, clothes made from bamboo stay fresher longer. The reason for this effect is the micro-holes in the fabric of bamboo clothing. In this way, bamboo textiles absorb 70% more moisture than cotton, after which it can also evaporate more easily. So you no longer have to worry about sweat stains or a persistent sweat odor.

Bamboo clothing is therefore the ideal clothing for athletes as the fabric hardly weighs anything and the moisture is easily absorbed. So a sports leggings, T-shirt or underpants are suitable for sports. These garments can be found in the webshop.

Perfect for hot and cold weather

Another thing people really like about bamboo clothing is its adaptive ability when it comes to the weather. Again, the structure is the culprit (well... good guy) in this story. Because bamboo has an open structure, heat can be dissipated better in high temps and heat is stored better in colder temps. This makes bamboo clothing ideal for any temperature and occasion.

Not only will you love bamboo clothing but your skin will too!

It has been scientifically proven that bamboo has a hypoallergenic effect. Often fabrics used for making clothes can cause skin irritations or allergies.

With bamboo, this is a thing of the past! The organic fabric is actually very healthy and can reduce skin conditions such as eczema and dry skin.

In addition, bamboo protects you for 98% of UV rays so you have much less chance of skin cancer or burns. This way you almost don't have to worry about the effect of the sun on your skin anymore.  

The environmental friendliness of bamboo

Whereas polyester, cotton, nylon and most other clothing fabrics are often environmentally harmful substances. This can be due to the production of the fabric or it can be due to what is in the fabric, making it less easy to break down, for example.

With bamboo, this is not the case. Bamboo is a natural product, which can be easily broken down and reused. In addition, bamboo grows on average 1 meter high per year and does not need fertilizer or anything like that. Thus, due to its frequent growth, it can easily meet the production and hardly any or no harmful substances are released during the production process.

This makes bamboo clothing one of the most environmentally friendly clothing available today!

There are a lot of benefits to wearing clothes made from bamboo. For each person, one will weigh more than the other, but there's no getting around the fact that it's actually a great invention with many benefits.

Perhaps the question remains: "What kind of bamboo clothing is there?" Fortunately, on our website you can find all the bamboo garments available. You can find everything in different colors, sizes and designs. In this way there is something for everyone.  

In our shop you will find a range of bamboo clothing and many other products made from bamboo. We even have a toothbrush or a watch made of bamboo. This is all worth a look and you can visit our cheerful webshop via the link!


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