Transform your living space with the enchanting allure of Baluchi carpets, discoverable at Koning Bamboe! (21)

Explore the unparalleled splendor of Beluch carpets, where nomadic craftsmanship from Iran comes to life. Discover the authentic charm of these masterpieces, with rich traditions and centuries-old craftsmanship woven into each unique pattern


Transform your living space with the enchanting allure of Baluchi carpets, discoverable at Koning Bamboe!

Discover the Authentic Splendor of Beluch Carpets: Nomadic Craftsmanship from Iran.

Enter the world of Beluch carpets, masterpieces crafted by nomads in the heart of Iran. These carpets, knotted by various Baluch nomadic tribes along the border with Afghanistan, reflect centuries-old craftsmanship. The Baluch, who produce their own wool, have for generations found their livelihood in tying carpets and herding cattle. Experience the subtlety of their designs, with predominant dark shades such as deep red, dark blue, black and brown, formed in geometric patterns. Discover the unique charm of these smaller carpets, originally knotted for personal use in tents and now available as beautiful sheep and goat wool prayer rugs, expertly crafted by the Baluch themselves

The Unique Benefits of Baluchi Carpets from Iran

Traditional Craftsmanship: Beluch rugs are proudly crafted by artisans rooted in the rich traditions of rug knotting over generations, making each piece steeped in historic craftsmanship.

Unique Design: Each carpet tells its own story with unique patterns and designs, giving you a one-of-a-kind work of art in your home.

Sustainable Materials: Made from high-quality wool, produced by the nomads themselves, Beluch carpets promise durability and a natural look.

Nomadic Heritage: The carpets carry the spirit and heritage of nomadic communities from Iran, where carpet making is an essential part of their lifestyle.

Timeless Elegance: The subdued colors and geometric designs radiate timeless elegance, making the carpets suitable for different interior styles.

Small Size, Big Impact: Originally created for personal use in tents, Beluch rugs are often smaller in size and fit perfectly in a variety of spaces.

Cultural Connection: Bring a touch of Iranian culture into your home by embracing the authentic charm of Beluch carpets.

Investment in Craftsmanship: By purchasing a Beluch carpet you directly support the continuation of traditional craftsmanship and contribute to the preservation of this age-old art form.

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