Our Mission

Finding the solution to less waste and a more environmentally friendly world!

Forests disappearing, oceans full of plastic and more and more natural disasters appearing in the news. These are events that have become increasingly common in recent years, but little is being done about them. With Koning bamboe, we hope to break this pattern! And here's how we're going to do it....

Deforestation and pollution are a NO-GO for Koning Bamboe! For you too?

What we at Koning Bamboe envision are plastic- and wood-free living environments. With this, we want to prevent pollution, make sure that the greenhouse effect is not increased and we want to make sure that we all think and live a little 'greener'.

What we at Koning Bamboe envision are plastic- and wood-free living environments.

We focus mainly on sustainability and products that last. That is why we chose the material bamboo. Bamboo meets the following properties:

  • It is long lasting, very strong and flexible
  • It is a natural product
  • Bamboo is inexhaustible (enough is planted back and it grows relatively quickly)
  • Bamboo is a reusable product and can easily be recycled
  • With bamboo you can make and produce a lot

Based on these characteristics of bamboo, we have determined that it is an excellent alternative to wood or plastic. This is why we at Koning Bamboe are so convinced of the power of bamboo and the impact it can have on the world.

Why sustainable products, like bamboo products, are the future?

When we look at plastic products we see a lot of one time and short use. This is often unsustainable and, in addition, the making of plastic is terribly environmentally damaging. Just think of the oil that is processed in the product and the processing itself.

With wood, of course, comes the bit about preserving the planet and this is also deteriorating rapidly. We are losing more and more trees and there are still too few trees planted back.

We therefore think that there is an even more sustainable solution where you make products that can last for years and spare the ecosystem somewhat. Our bamboo products last 3-4 years and that is quite impressive. Besides the fact that plastic and wood are unfavorable to the environment, bamboo is also a high quality material.

This makes it a good base for products like cabinets, clothing, watches, kitchen items, etc. Take a look at our website for all the possibilities of bamboo!

Our mission is for you!

Besides that we ourselves want to contribute to a healthier and especially "greener" planet, we do this for you. We like to think with people about environmental issues and sustainable solutions. We are happy to offer you these products and solutions and help you on your way to a more environmentally conscious life.

Plant a tree - Charity

Did you know that we plant one tree with every order? We do this in collaboration with tree-nation from Koning Bamboe of King Bamboo We think sustainability is important and that is why we want to give something back. Not only by planting trees, but also by selling products with a sustainable story.

Is this what you want or do you have certain ideas about how this can be achieved? Look anyway further on our website for everything about bamboo (products) and contact us with great ideas for a greener world!)

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